Facial Sea Sponges Sustainable and Natural


Delicate, fine 5 - 6 cm sponges for facial cleansing and applying makeup. To apply liquid foundation simply wet the sponge with water, squeeze out excess water, and use to apply foundation. To remove makeup simply wet sponge, add a little facial cleanser if desired, and wipe gently. Facial sponges can be cut if desired to get a flat surface. Sustainable Sponges are sustainably grown rather than harvested from wild populations. Sea sponges are grown from small cuttings that are attached to floating lines in the crystal clear waters of Micronesia. Cuttings are left to grow for around 2 years before harvesting. No chemicals are used in the farming process. Sustainable Sponges contain no toxic chemicals. Many synthetic sponges are impregnated with disinfectants or antibacterial compounds that may cause allergic reactions. Sustainable Sponges are cleaned without using any harsh chemicals. Sustainable Sponges are not bleached yellow but are left in their natural colour. Bleaching degrades and weakens the sponge fibres. Sustainable Sponges will last much longer than bleached sponges. By purchasing a Sustainable Sponge you are supporting local communities by promoting sustainable livelihoods and contributing to protecting the environment. Micronesian sponge farmers receive a very good return for their time with an hourly wage that is much higher than the minimum local wage. Sustainable Sponges have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew in the sponge without requiring any chemicals. Sustainable Sponges are a biodegradable, renewable resource. They are not manufactured from petroleum products. Sustainable Sponges are very durable and can be used again and again with good care.

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