Adzuki, Peppermint & Cinnamon Massage Bar


This delightful adzuki bean with peppermint and cinnamon essential massage bar is handmade from premium natural and organic ingredients using therapeutic grade essential oils at our Kapiti boutique natural skincare workshop. We make only small batches of each of our skincare products at a time to ensure that the product you are purchasing is fresh. Filled with Adzuki beans which are brilliant for polishing the skin, leaving it feeling healthy and renewed, contains a warming blend of cinnamon and peppermint essential oils that are said to stimulate the circulation to warm and loosen up stiff, achy muscles. These essential oils are blended with organic cocoa butter and shea butter as well as organic and extra virgin coconut oil to sink into the skin. Directions: Use the smooth side all over the body, then turn it over and use the knobbly adzuki beans on any particularly stubborn knots. Keep the bar in the tin provided between uses to keep it clean and prevent it from melting. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Organic Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, New Zealand Beeswax, Adzuki Beans, Essential Oils of Cinnamon Leaf and Peppermint.

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