Itchy 'n Scratchy Dog Soap Bar 120gram with Hessian Bag


The Itchy 'n Scratchy dog soap bar is formulated especially to help calm your dogs irritated skin, with the added benefits of Manuka and Kanuka essential oils and hydrosols to help combat bacterial and fungal infections. It also contains essential oils which deter fleas and leaves your dog smelling great with a shiny coat and moisturised skin. Please refer to the ingredients page to read more about the benefits of the natural oils and essential oils we use in our soap bar. This soap comes with a hessian scrubby pouch, place the soap into the pouch and massage the soap through your dogs wet fur. When finished leave the soap in the pouch to drip dry. All of our ingredients used in the Itchy 'n Scratchy range are natural and where possible organic. At New Zealand native oils, we distil our own Manuka and Kanuka essential oils so we know we are using the best most active varieties of these native plants in our products. What our customers are saying: "Excellent trader. Speedy delivery. Just bathed the dogs after another hot hot day today. Love the soap, it smells nice and makes the dogs coats feel lovely. Great soap. thanks " Great soap thank you so much! Have been using weekly on my dog and it makes her dry skin so much better, and she doesn't get so stinky so quickly . Better than any other shampoos etc I've tried. Will be buying again thank you so much!

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