Harakeke and Cucumber Soap


This gorgeous Harakeke and cucumber soap is made from cucumber puree and generous amounts of Harakeke extract and Manuka essential oil. Made from all natural and organic ingredients. The soothing properties of the cucumber and Harakeke along with the drawing ability of French green clay makes this soap especially helpful for acne, bug bites, and other itchy, inflamed skin conditions. Soothing on your skin with a gorgeous scent of lemongrass. Organic Ingredients: - Harakeke extract - Cucumber, unpeeled - Manuka Hydrosol - lye (sodium hydroxide) - Olive oil - Coconut oil - Rice bran oil - Avocado oil - Shea butter - French green clay - Manuka Essential Oil - Lemongrass Essential Oil - White Tea and Ginger fragrance

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