Our Story

New Zealand Native Oils Ltd was started by me (Maria) and my partner (Gary) along with our three daughters. Our appreciation and knowledge of New Zealand native plants developed and grew due to our business Kapiti Nursery Ltd, a boutique New Zealand native plant nursery on the Kapiti Coast.

We decided to grow on our native plant knowledge and began experimenting with making handmade soap containing the benefits of our New Zealand native plant heroes, Manuka, Kanuka, Kowhai, Pohutukawa, Mamaku and Harakeke. We have installed a still which we use to distil our own Manuka and Kanuka essential oils.

Additionally, we use native plant hydrosols in all of our soaps and native plant extracts and essential oils. Our soaps are handmade at our nursery using all natural ingredients, sourced from New Zealand.

We do our utmost to source organic ingredients. The feedback we received from those using our soaps was amazing. This further enthused us to create more natural beauty products using New Zealand native plant extracts.

After a lot of study, consultation, discussion and experimentation, we have now formulated a wonderful, 90% organic and fully natural range of skincare using Manuka essential oils, hydrosols and extracts.

Our range includes a light daily moisturiser containing Camellia Oil, Kiwifruit seed extract, Manuka extract and hydrosol. This moisturiser is gentle and non-greasy, great for sensitive skin and especially beneficial for eczema and psoriasis prone skin. Our toner is formulated from Colloidal Copper, Manuka Hydrosol and Manuka essential oil great for problematic skin.

We have also added a cleanser to our Manuka range which is formulated from Manuka and Rose Hydrosol, Witch hazel extract, Camellia oil and Manuka essential oil. This is a gentle cream cleanser which is great for all skin types. It removes all makeup and grime but leaves your face feeling clean but not greasy.

Recently, we have formulated a skincare range for more mature skins using Rose hydrosol, Mamaku and Kiwifruit extract with Rose essential oil in a light Camellia Oil base. To go with the moisturiser, we have also formulated a Rose and Colloidal Copper Toner as well as a Rose and Aloe Vera Cleanser.

Our latest natural addition is the "Native Sun Warrior." This is a natural sun protector using non-Nano zinc and organic oils and butter which contain natural sun protection factors. The ingredients used are Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil combined with essential oils so it also works as a natural insect repellent as well. It’s great for those lazy days out in the sun.

We have also created a skincare range for dogs suffering from skin problems, and it’s called Itchy 'n Scratchy. Our next adventure is to add a natural doggy sunscreen to our Itchy 'n Scratchy range.

Our two furry friends have been suffering in this unusual hot New Zealand summer and we have been approached by many clients asking if we have anything to help their dogs from burning in this heat.

We have been doing a lot of study on various formulations for an effective doggy sunscreen and we think we may have found something that will work. Now we need to test it out on likely furry friends.

1,000 Happy Customers

To date, we have had some amazing feedback about our products. Our star is the Manuka and Pumice Exfoliating Soap. Used along with our Manuka Hydrosol, it is great for all itchy skin conditions and is especially popular with teenagers due to its ability to keep acne at bay.   Here's some of our great testimonials from our even greater customers:  

"Thank you Maria!

For the speedy delivery of your lovely products and also for the free gift of my favourite soap. Your generosity is appreciated.

I just love your moisturising bar and so does my dry skin. I hope I never have to live without it ever again! It really is a fabulous product and I am so happy I won't have to buy my toiletries in nasty plastic bottles ever again. I wonder how many plastic bottles we have used and discarded in our lifetimes? 

The rose moisturiser is lovely too ( in GLASS even! ) and the bar shampoos and conditioners.

I will continue to buy your lovely products as I am grateful someone is making it easy for me to move away from single-use plastics. Well done!

A very happy customer who looks forward to the next order.

Many thanks